One animation instead of a thousand words

We will create animation that will tell in an attractive way about your own business, service or product. We will enliven your website, SM channel, investor presentation.

Explainer Animation

Number one in our offer - In just 60 seconds, we will introduce your customer to the details of your product. This type of animation will allow you to tell the details of what you do in an accessible way.

Animated Promo

A condensed, 30-second form of animation that conveys key messages about your product.

Animated miniature

We will add movement to your website elements and make it non-static with animation. We will create an animated poster, a conference background, graphics for a stationary exhibition. We will add effects or animated videos wherever you need them.

E-learning animation

An extensive series of educational animations on a selected topic. Animation rich in knowledge and information presented through text descriptions, tables and animated charts.


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What kind of animation we can create for you?


Check our pricing for animation options.

~ 450 EUR ~ 1 380 EUR ~ 2 250 EUR
Smart Basic Plus
Material length 15s 30s 60s
Lector recording
Number of formats (1:1, 16:9...) 1 2 2
Future edition
Addtional short version of animation
Example Example Example

Execution time

The time of animation production varies from a few days to several months, as there are numerous factors influencing the project's duration. Therefore, we determine it individually for each project. To determine the exact time of animation realization, we invite you to contact us.


Our communication begins in the form of email or phone discussions. Typically, initial conversations revolve around budget, animation production timeline, and animation style. The start of 2D animation production is a crucial moment in the entire schedule. Therefore, we approach this stage with utmost precision. Initially, we will ask you to fill out a basic survey regarding the video material. You can do this at any convenient time for you. The survey includes guiding questions that will help organize expectations and needs related to the video. The second step will be an online briefing. During the meeting, we will refine the goals of the animation production, ask key questions, and examine whether the project guidelines align with the intended material. We will decide on the type of material to create - whether it will be a promotional, educational, e-learning animation, or an animated thumbnail, logo animation, animated poster.

Client-side availability

We value your availability at the beginning of the process the most. Your availability at the start defines the production kick-off. We will begin by exchanging basic information through a questionnaire. Next, we will invite you to a briefing in the form of an online meeting. If the process goes according to plan, subsequent stages of communication will be conducted through email or phone. The exchanged emails will focus on finalizing the six stages of production.

Edition rounds

Our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. As a small company, we build customer trust through recommendations. Therefore, your satisfaction during the project closure is crucial for us. We have observed that a maximum of two rounds of edits for each stage of production yields the best results. On the one hand, it keeps the work schedule in check, and on the other hand, it allows for changes when you see the material with your own eyes.

Client onboarding materials

production deadline / material broadcast date specifications for the required formats (1:1, 16:9, 9:16, or others) inspirations - any materials visualizing your expectations visual identity elements of your brand (brand book / visual guidelines) placement of the material (website, social media, outdoor screen...) Additionally (if available): script voiceover script / voice recording graphic assets preferably in open formats (.psd or .ai) storyboard

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